New Jersey Falcons


The player is Number 1. Since the New Jersey Falcons was established in 2010, we have always had the players’ best interest in mind. The New Jersey Falcons organization is committed to serving the youth of New Jersey and the tri-state area.

The New Jersey Falcons establishes a solid coach-player baseball relationship, and partnership with the family. The goal is to develop your son into a fine baseball player who can get to the next level whether it be on a high school team or a college roster. All of our players receive the finest instruction baseball has to offer.

The New Jersey Falcons has a growing list of players who have reached the college & professional levels through baseball scholarships. Our younger divisions, which we consider our farm system, are developing players to succeed in making their high school teams.

We are proud of the players that have come through the New Jersey Falcons and we are grateful to the parents who put their baseball trust in our organization. Our organization has a goal of making baseball affordable to players so they get the opportunity to improve their skills and accelerate their progress.

The New Jersey Falcons organization is committed to bring quality professional instruction and advisement to baseball players of all ages. We boast the highest level of instruction for every aspect of the game, from basic skills such as hitting and pitching, to physical conditioning, and college and professional advisement. The New Jersey Falcons organization offers the most experienced and credentialed staff.

Our mission at New Jersey Falcons is to provide committed athletes with a motivating and positive atmosphere to increase athletic confidence and capacity. Through participation in the New Jersey Falcons programs, each athlete will develop the physical skills and mental edge they desire for success in sports and in life.

The New Jersey Falcons has an increasing number of its athletes advancing to play college baseball. These players have combined outstanding seasons with our organization along with excellent high school careers.

The New Jersey Falcons Mission Statement sets a main goal of helping its players develop well enough to compete Athletically and Academically at the college level. We salute these players who have become New Jersey Falcons success stories.